Wednesday, March 28, 2012

love letters from my husband

Below is the type of love note I can expect to receive from my loving husband on any given day:

If you can't read his handwriting, let me translate:

Wake me up around 4:45.
Don't go in the pen with the cow.
She is not happy about messing with the calf and she will try to hurt you.
Love you,

Thanks for that.

Don't forget to guess the color of the #18's calf in yesterday's post!  Oh, and while you're at it, give me some suggestions for a name for her!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

a little contest

Meet #18.

She doesn't have a name, just a number.  I name some of our cows that we've had a while, but we haven't had her very long.

She is fancy none the less.

Most of our cows are solid colors.  Black, white, red.  #18 is what we call roan. 

I like it!

Here's another view.

We've got calves popping out all over the place and #18 is due fairly soon, so here's what I want to do.  I want to have a little contest to see who can guess what color her calf will be.

We don't know what color the bull was (we bought her already bred) so it could be just about anything.

Leave your guess in the comment section.  I'll tell you my guess in my next post, and I'll be sure to take lots of photos when the calf is born.

So what do you think?

Solid black?  Roan like mama?  Purple with green spots?

The winner gets...the satisfaction of winning.  But it will be fun to see who guesses correctly!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

catching up

Well, hello!

It's been awhile.

Thought I'd catch you up on what's been happening around the nest.

We had some snow:

Enough to make a tiny snowman...with hair!

From snow to beautiful weather:

A great day to put up some fence.  I got to do my favorite job...supervising...

Just kidding.  I helped, a bit.

And, we have calves!

Lots and lots of calves, including one in our backyard.  You'll meet "Arthur" soon.

We've got a busy day tomorrow.  My hubby turns the big 3-3 and we've got calves to work.  See you soon...

Sunday, March 4, 2012

the funky funk

So sorry for my lack of posts!

Why am I not posting, you ask?

I feel like I've been busy doing nothing.  I feel so busy, but with nothing really to show for all the busyness.

I'm constantly cleaning my house, but my house is not clean.

I'm constantly doing laundry, but the laundry is piling up everywhere.

I'm always at the grocery store, but we're running out of food.  Again.

We're always doing "cow stuff", but yet there's always more work to be done.

I'm also in the funkiest of funks.  A mommy funk, a wife funk, a friend funk, a creative funk and a blog writing funk.  I feel like I'm not doing a very good job at any of these things right now.  Just feeling uninspired, and tired.

It's probably the weather.

I have been reading your blogs though.  And thoroughly enjoying them!

I'll work out of this funk soon.  Promise.  I just need to get my groove back.

In the meantime, thanks for checking in!