Thursday, September 29, 2011

foggy morning

Last Saturday we woke up to a really thick fog.

That dang fog was thick as pea soup.  Have you ever heard that expression?

Anyway, we needed to sort out a crazy cow that Daddy Bird had been needing to sell for weeks, and we had to do it in the fog.

I went out and took feed to the cows to get them to come up into the pen, and Daddy Bird brought up the rear on Pedro.

Here come the stragglers.

Remember the twins?  There they are with their mama.  They're not as big as the other calves, but that's what happens with twins.

Here comes Pedro.

It was really creepy how I couldn't see anything coming until it was right up on me.

We were a bit concerned that crazy cow wouldn't come up with the rest of the herd, but everything worked out well.

It's amazing how motivating food can be.

Our other calves are getting big.

Here are the three amigos.  That red heifer on the right is my favorite.

The fog burned off by late morning and we went back later in the day for the previously mentioned "nasty calf incident."  We looked across the pen and saw this enormous steer:

nursing his mother through the fence!  I wish I had gotten a shot of that for y'all.  What makes it even funnier is
1.  He's been weaned 2 times already and
2. She actually stood there next to the fence and let him do it!

If you look really closely you can see the milk dripping off his chin hair.

I guess other species have trouble weaning their babies too.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

some things

1.  I don't really love fall.

Fall is really here in our neck of the woods, and every day I'm hearing things like "ooooh I just looove fall!"  Well, I really don't love fall.  I'm more of a summer fan.  There are things I like about fall - football, sleeping with windows open, fall colors, so, ok, I do like fall.  But I still don't love it.  Fall means winter is coming.  Yuck.

2.  I have no less than 4 loads of laundry in baskets that are clean and waiting to be folded.  Does anyone else hate folding laundry?

3.  We had a really fun, really busy weekend that involved a really nasty incident with a calf.  I will not be recounting said incident on this blog.  All I will say is that it was nasty, and veterinary related and Daddy Bird made me help.

4.  I love goldfish crackers.

5.  One thing I love about blogging is getting to know people, through their blogs, that I have never met in person.  I met one of those people today.  I started reading Life is Full of Perks months ago, which is authored by the beautiful Lindsey, AKA Mama Perks, AKA Shubie.  Shubie happens to be friends with another real life friend of mine, Rachel.  She was in town for a visit and we met up tonight at Rachel's house.  I felt like we were old friends already.  So much fun!  Great to meet you for real, Lindsey!

6.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, Parenthood is one of the best shows on TV.

7.  The Girlie Bird has two teeth.  Ouch, if ya know what I mean.

8.  The Boy Bird is pooping in the potty.  I'm afraid to even talk about it, for fear I may jinx something.  So I'm not going to talk about it.  All I'll say is, YYYYAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!

9.  The drywall is finished in the basement and even has a coat of primer!  A basement update is long overdue.

10.  I rode a horse this weekend and walked/ran 2 miles today.  Something tells me, judging by how out of shape I am currently, that I will be very sore tomorrow.

Here's to fall, teeth, poop, and getting back to getting in shape.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

meet mable

I realized today that I've never really introduced y'all to our dog, Mable.  Poor thing, she's really moved down the food chain now that we have baby birds...

Without further ado, meet Mable:

Full name: Mable

Age: 10

Birthday: Dec. 25

Likes: Barking at cows, rolling in cow poop, barking at horses, rolling in horse poop, herding anything that moves, having her butt scratched, getting on the couch when no one is looking, stealing food.

Dislikes:  Baths, being clean, the doorbell, being locked in the bedroom when guests are over.

Daddy Bird was given Mable as a gift from a friend that bred Border Collies to sell as working dogs.  Mable has been part of our family before we were even a family!  She's gone from being a full time outside dog when we lived in Alabama, to being a full time inside dog when we moved back to Kentucky.  Needless to say we do not knowingly allow Mable to roll in poop anymore, since she lives indoors with us.  Not that that stops her from an occasional romp in the poo.


Border Collies are great dogs, but I will say this.  They. Are. Neurotic.  Border Collies that have been bred as working stock will drive you insane if they do not have a job.  Right now, Mable really doesn't have much of a job.  Therefore, she drives me a bit insane. 

I still love her though.

Friday, September 16, 2011

poor lakin

We were at my grandma's house last weekend for a wedding, and my brother and sister-in-law brought their dog, Lakin.  Lakin had just had surgery on one of her ears, and her bandage had come off. 

Daddy Bird sprang into action.

Lakin is the best dog ever.  I'm not kidding.  She is such a sweetie.

I just wonder what was going through her mind.

It was probably either, "Awww man!  Now all the other dogs are really going to laugh at me!" or probably more likely "ok, now how am I going to get this thing off?"

Poor Lakin.  Yeah, she had that thing off in like 5 seconds.  Sorry Daddy Bird.

Monday, September 12, 2011

these boots

I have a little problem and I need some advice.  You see, Daddy Bird, well, ok, me too, well, we have a lot of boots.  There are boots for riding, boots for working, boots that you keep clean, boots that are allowed to get covered in cow crap.  This is what you see when you walk into our house and look down:

Ok, one pair is mine, and one belongs to the boy birdie.  The rest are Daddy Bird's.

Our house is small.  Our front door is our main entrance.  It's the only entrance that makes sense to use all the time.  The boots are dirty.  I don't want what is attached to the boots to make its way all over the house.  What do I do?

Cold weather is coming.  The boot problem gets worse.  Add mud and snow and frozen cow and horse poop to the mix and you've got one big problem for the entry way to our home.  I'm tired of a bunch of boots and shoes by the front door.  Cleaning the boots thoroughly each time one enters the house is not an option.

What's a mama to do?  Where should all these boots live?  Any suggestions?

Thursday, September 8, 2011


I can't help to think how blessed I am to have this view every morning out my back door.

What makes you feel blessed today?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Thanks to our friend TJ Bean, we now have this fantastic logo for Bluegrass Beef!

I absolutely love it.  I'm ready to plaster it all over hats and T-Shirts.

Speaking of Bluegrass Beef, we now have a Facebook Page!

Come on over and 'like" us on Facebook.

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend.  I'll be back soon with a post to show you what we did.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

whaddya think?

I've been wanting to give things a new look around here.  I've still got some work to do.  Not so crazy about my background anymore.

I made this header tonight using picnik.  It was super easy and really fun.

The perfect way to put off doing the housework I should be doing instead of creating blog headers.

I'll be back after the long weekend.  We've got lots going on - calves to work (if it's not too hot), my uncle and aunt visiting from Houston, among other things.

Happy Labor Day!