Tuesday, September 27, 2011

some things

1.  I don't really love fall.

Fall is really here in our neck of the woods, and every day I'm hearing things like "ooooh I just looove fall!"  Well, I really don't love fall.  I'm more of a summer fan.  There are things I like about fall - football, sleeping with windows open, fall colors, so, ok, I do like fall.  But I still don't love it.  Fall means winter is coming.  Yuck.

2.  I have no less than 4 loads of laundry in baskets that are clean and waiting to be folded.  Does anyone else hate folding laundry?

3.  We had a really fun, really busy weekend that involved a really nasty incident with a calf.  I will not be recounting said incident on this blog.  All I will say is that it was nasty, and veterinary related and Daddy Bird made me help.

4.  I love goldfish crackers.

5.  One thing I love about blogging is getting to know people, through their blogs, that I have never met in person.  I met one of those people today.  I started reading Life is Full of Perks months ago, which is authored by the beautiful Lindsey, AKA Mama Perks, AKA Shubie.  Shubie happens to be friends with another real life friend of mine, Rachel.  She was in town for a visit and we met up tonight at Rachel's house.  I felt like we were old friends already.  So much fun!  Great to meet you for real, Lindsey!

6.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, Parenthood is one of the best shows on TV.

7.  The Girlie Bird has two teeth.  Ouch, if ya know what I mean.

8.  The Boy Bird is pooping in the potty.  I'm afraid to even talk about it, for fear I may jinx something.  So I'm not going to talk about it.  All I'll say is, YYYYAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!

9.  The drywall is finished in the basement and even has a coat of primer!  A basement update is long overdue.

10.  I rode a horse this weekend and walked/ran 2 miles today.  Something tells me, judging by how out of shape I am currently, that I will be very sore tomorrow.

Here's to fall, teeth, poop, and getting back to getting in shape.


Mommy Webb said...

1. I love fall (sorry;)
2. I hate folding laundry.
3. I need to get in shape.
4. I wish Walker would poop on the potty.

That's all:). XO

all you need is love said...

i love fall...well ok i love winter, and you know it. maybe we need to rub off on each other since i am not fond of summer.

yay for the potty...give him m&ms...he will totally be all for it.

i have to hear the calf thing on sunday.

i love folding laundry, hate putting it away. call it too many years of retail. i hate dishes.

Carissa said...

Oh my on the teeth, yes I know what ya mean. I'm praying Wyatt doesn't get any until he's one!! Yay for the pooping in the potty, so umm what's the secret? Hate laundry!! And I definitely need to get in shape, how is it the baby weight goes on soo easy but not so much coming off?!? Have a good one!

Melissa and TJ Bean said...

Hilarious Melissa! I love checking in on your blog. It always puts a fun pep in my step as I'm hopefully optimistic about getting everything done today. I love ya girl and keep up the great pictures! I love the ones in the fog. Awe.Some! ;) See you Sunday and peace out on the poop, teeth and well, cow mess. ha!