Sunday, September 18, 2011

meet mable

I realized today that I've never really introduced y'all to our dog, Mable.  Poor thing, she's really moved down the food chain now that we have baby birds...

Without further ado, meet Mable:

Full name: Mable

Age: 10

Birthday: Dec. 25

Likes: Barking at cows, rolling in cow poop, barking at horses, rolling in horse poop, herding anything that moves, having her butt scratched, getting on the couch when no one is looking, stealing food.

Dislikes:  Baths, being clean, the doorbell, being locked in the bedroom when guests are over.

Daddy Bird was given Mable as a gift from a friend that bred Border Collies to sell as working dogs.  Mable has been part of our family before we were even a family!  She's gone from being a full time outside dog when we lived in Alabama, to being a full time inside dog when we moved back to Kentucky.  Needless to say we do not knowingly allow Mable to roll in poop anymore, since she lives indoors with us.  Not that that stops her from an occasional romp in the poo.


Border Collies are great dogs, but I will say this.  They. Are. Neurotic.  Border Collies that have been bred as working stock will drive you insane if they do not have a job.  Right now, Mable really doesn't have much of a job.  Therefore, she drives me a bit insane. 

I still love her though.

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Tucker's Mama said...

Awww poor Mable lol! :) Pets really do move down the food chain once lil ones come along... Your post made me really miss my babies...