Thursday, September 1, 2011

whaddya think?

I've been wanting to give things a new look around here.  I've still got some work to do.  Not so crazy about my background anymore.

I made this header tonight using picnik.  It was super easy and really fun.

The perfect way to put off doing the housework I should be doing instead of creating blog headers.

I'll be back after the long weekend.  We've got lots going on - calves to work (if it's not too hot), my uncle and aunt visiting from Houston, among other things.

Happy Labor Day!


a. meredith said...

i love the new header! maybe i'll work on one this weekend for my blog... :) i'm super sad not to see you this weekend, but mom and i talked about a family skype on saturday!

Stover's site said...

Oh - I love it! Very nice. How'd you do it? Hope ya'll are staying cool!

Tucker's Mama said...

I love it! I desparately need to do something to my blog! Mine is B to the ORING! It looks great!