Wednesday, August 31, 2011

thank you

Do y'all know what the 5 Love Languages are?  The 5 Love Languages in a nutshell are the 5 different ways that people express and receive love.  They are : words of affirmation, acts of service, quality time, physical touch, and gifts.  You can read more about them here.

My Love Language is words of affirmation.  This means I tend to express love to others through compliments, and kind words.  I also feel the most loved when someone expresses love to me with words and compliments, either written or spoken.

I'm saying all this to say - thank you!  Over the past few weeks we've had several friends kind enough to try our beef, and they've let us know how much they enjoyed it through comments on this blog, texts, voicemails, etc.  This is especially meaningful to me because of that whole love language thing.

Your words have really made me feel good, and that means a lot!

If you didn't get to try the beef this time around, no worries!  You'll have another chance in a month or two.  You can be sure I'll let you know when it's ready.

Thanks again, y'all!


mommy raker said...

love you too momma bird!

Danielle Wade said...

Ok, I have to say this....How stinkin cute is your little family?!?! I love this picture :) And I love you. You are such a sweet soul that always blesses me with compliments and it means so much becuase (like you) my love language is words of affirmation! So thank you too!

Mommy Webb said...

This picture is amazing. My little pioneer woman:). I want some beef because it was YUMMMMMMOOO at the cookout. Oh, and I love you. Take THAT affirmation:).