Sunday, August 28, 2011

state fair

We took our annual trip to the Kentucky State Fair last week. 

This was the beginning of the day, fresh and full of energy.  The whining had not yet begun.

My big boy birdie chose his own outfit that morning and it was just easier to roll with it.  His ensemble consisted of khaki shorts, boots, a curious george t-shirt, and a belt with an enormous belt buckle.  What can I say, the kid is inheriting his dad's sense of style.

We enjoyed all the exhibits, the petting zoo, the beef cattle (duh!), the border collies herding ducks, and most importantly, we enjoyed some fair food and ice cream.  For me a pineapple whip.  Yummy!  Oh, and the duck slide.  We can't miss the duck slide.  I could watch that thing all day.

So what I want to know, is the duck slide a Kentucky thing, or do other states have duck slides at their fairs too?  Who came up with the duck slide?  Who figured out that the ducks would continue going down the slide over and over again, just to get a tiny bite of food every time? 

This is how I feel about the fair:

Not really sure what's going on there, but whatever.  This is how baby girl birdie feels about the fair:

This is how boy birdie feels about ice cream:

Who doesn't feel this way about ice cream, though?


Mommy Webb said...

Cute pictures! So bummed we missed the fair this year.

jeanneburnett said...

So sad I have never been to the fair! Looks like I need to go with you guys! Looks like fun! love the pics!