Sunday, August 21, 2011

tragedy and hope

A friend of ours passed away unexpectedly this weekend.

He was young and healthy but suffered a massive stroke.  He left behind a wife and young son.

My heart breaks for this family.

His wife is devastated, of course, but generously, bravely made the decision to donate his organs.  Because he was young and healthy, our friend's organs have the potential to give hope and help to 100 families! 


I ask for your prayers tonight.  For our friend's wife and son.

Hug your family.  Tell them you love them. 
Try not to take anything for granted - we are all so blessed. 
Get right with God. 

Choose to donate your organs - what an amazing, selfless gift for another person.


Stover's site said...

well said! My heart is aching for them. And I agree, it's definitely made me wanna squeeze every single second out of my time with my family these past few days.

Tucker's Mama said...

Very well said. So sad. My heart aches for them... Definitely makes you not take things for granted, that's for sure.