Thursday, September 29, 2011

foggy morning

Last Saturday we woke up to a really thick fog.

That dang fog was thick as pea soup.  Have you ever heard that expression?

Anyway, we needed to sort out a crazy cow that Daddy Bird had been needing to sell for weeks, and we had to do it in the fog.

I went out and took feed to the cows to get them to come up into the pen, and Daddy Bird brought up the rear on Pedro.

Here come the stragglers.

Remember the twins?  There they are with their mama.  They're not as big as the other calves, but that's what happens with twins.

Here comes Pedro.

It was really creepy how I couldn't see anything coming until it was right up on me.

We were a bit concerned that crazy cow wouldn't come up with the rest of the herd, but everything worked out well.

It's amazing how motivating food can be.

Our other calves are getting big.

Here are the three amigos.  That red heifer on the right is my favorite.

The fog burned off by late morning and we went back later in the day for the previously mentioned "nasty calf incident."  We looked across the pen and saw this enormous steer:

nursing his mother through the fence!  I wish I had gotten a shot of that for y'all.  What makes it even funnier is
1.  He's been weaned 2 times already and
2. She actually stood there next to the fence and let him do it!

If you look really closely you can see the milk dripping off his chin hair.

I guess other species have trouble weaning their babies too.


Danielle Wade said...

I love reading about your cattle!!! Makes me wish I had a farm! Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you :)

Katie said...

I loved this! Weaning calves and colts = so, so, so sad.