Saturday, October 1, 2011

the fire pit

OK, let me clarify what I meant a couple of posts ago.  I don't hate fall.  I really don't.  It's just not my favorite season.  I'm trying really hard this year though.  I feel the love coming...

One thing I do love about fall is the chance to make a fire in our fire pit and roast marshmallows.

Daddy Bird (and I helped a little) built this great brick patio behind our house a couple of years ago.  We've just this summer been able to get some furniture out there and we added a fire pit as well.

From the time we built the patio I had envisioned some brightly colored adirondak chairs surrounding our fire pit.   Daddy Bird painted these for me!  I'm really loving them.

The other night we made a fire and taught the Boy Birdie the art of roasting marshmallows.

We all had a great time.  Daddy Bird likes building fires.

Why do men like fire so much?  The Boy Bird and Myself enjoyed toasting and eating the marshmallows.

Girlie Bird enjoyed just hanging out.

I ate so many marshmallows I almost made myself sick.  It was fantastic.

There is something so relaxing about a fire, and even better when it's in your own backyard!


Sue Shaw said...

I love these picture! When are you going to introduce the Hershey bar and graham crackers?!

Sue Shaw said...

I mean I love these pictureS!