Friday, October 7, 2011

basement update (finally)

We're painting!  Actually Daddy Bird is doing most of the painting and he's pretty much finished at this point, but the point is, the beast that was the drywall has been conquered and there is now paint on the wall!

Of course we had different opinions on the color we should use.  Daddy Bird wanted yellow (say what?!?!?!) and I wanted some boring shade of neutral.  Although I love color (and I do like yellow sometimes) I just really thought with the busy pattern of the slate in the bathroom and everything else we have going on in there, yellow just wasn't my choice.

So we compromised and went with :

This shade - Antique White.  It's about the shade of a stick of butter, so it's a little bit yellow, and a little bit boring, so, perfect, right?  And it looks good with the tile and the flooring.

Not sure if I've shown y'all what we chose for the flooring.  I love, love, the look of the really wide plank floors, and someday, in our dream home I will have them, but we chose this for the basement and I've fine with it.  It should be durable, I like the look, and it was fairly easy on the pocketbook as well.

The flooring will be the next thing to go in.

So here's the wall color in the room:

Have I told y'all about this desk?  I'll save that for another time.

We're going to need to make some more decisions soon.  I've got to come up with some lighting options and figure out what my options are as far as window coverings.

We're getting close to being finished!  I'm so excited to use this space!


Mommy Webb said...

It's lookin' awesome! You are so close to the finished product. Yea!

Sue Shaw said...

It is looking good...I'm practicing commenting with Meredith!