Saturday, October 27, 2012

october's almost gone?

Where is the year going? 
It seems like the weeks are flying by, and our little family has been so busy with cows, preschool, church, and just living life that I have been a less than stellar blogger lately.  Tonight is no improvement.  I'm only able to muster up enough energy for a little bulleted blogging this evening.

And so, here is a little update from the nest:

  • I have some awesome parents.  Today they took the boy birdie and I to see the stage production of Beauty and the Beast!  Wow!  It was such a great show and I think the baby bird enjoyed it - even with the scary parts.

  • We're getting ready to wean calves next week.  I'm dreading this for several reasons: one is that it's going to be FREEZING, and two, I hate weaning calves!  It's always way harder on me than it is on them.

  • October is almost over, can you believe it?  Halloween is next week.  The boy is going as a cowboy (3rd year in a row) and the girl is a peacock.  I'll attempt to get some pictures to document this.

  • The only good thing about November is that my favorite holiday is on the way....Thanksgiving!!!  Oh how I love Thanksgiving.

  • I need a haircut.  So.  Bad.  I'm getting mats in my curls at night, it's that bad.  I'm thinking about a new look.  I dunno...any ideas?

  • I need a date night.  That doesn't involve cows, buying cows, doctoring cows, or calves.

  • I've said this before, but I LOVE the show Parenthood.  Oh, and I'm ready for Smash to come back.  And can y'all believe this is the last season of The Office?  I have watched since season one.

  • Does anyone else think this has been the most beautiful fall we've had in a long time?  I'm generally not a big fan of fall, but the great weather we've had and the gorgeous leaves, I'm going to make an exception this year.
That's all you get for tonight.  I'm so tired my vision is blurring.  I'm going to do my best to be better about blogging!  Just bear with me during this season of busy.  Goodnight!

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