Friday, March 19, 2010

Travel Wipes Case and New Fabric

So I saw my friend with one of these in a different fabric a few months ago,

and I thought 2 things : 1. I want one.  2.  Hey wait a second...I can make one!  So I did. 
I am a sucker for fun stuff like this that makes yucky things like changing diapers on the go a little more bearable!  This fabric is really fun, and has been popular for me, but I can also use any other fabric you like.  I sell these for $10.00

So check out this cutie-pie Alexander Henry floral fabric on the left I found the other day!

The picture barely does it justice!  The fabric on the right is harder to see but it actually has a little bee in the print every once in a while.  These two look cute together, or on their own. my problem is deciding what to make with them....
Have a great afternoon and enjoy the weather!

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