Tuesday, June 29, 2010

later, baby calves!

So, many of you know that I have been the proud mama of 2 baby calves since early April.  Our family raises a small herd of beef cattle, and due to some unfortunate circumstances, 2 calves, a male and a female, were left without mothers this year.  So, guess who got to bottle raise them?
I love baby animals, but let me tell you, calves are some trouble, man.
But, they are cute.


So, last week we decided they were FINALLY ready to be put back out with the rest of the herd!  Yay!  Not that I was ready to get rid of them or anything.  I mean, I LOVED feeding them twice a day in all types of weather, and I LOVED that their pens were starting to smell like the zoo.  And I really loved that Clyde (the male) would ram his head into me, causing me to step in cow poop every time I went in the pen with him.  Who wouldn't love all that?


Josh released them to live with the rest of the cattle last week, and I imagined the scene would be reminiscent of the movie, Born Free.  The calves would tentatively step out of the trailer and look to Josh like, "what should we do, daddy?"  And Josh would say, "Be free little ones!  This is your home now!"  And they would slowly walk off to join the rest of the herd, all the while looking back at him.

Yeah, right.  Those calves jumped off the trailer and ran around like crazy for a good 20 minutes!  They were so happy and cute!

And I'm happy that they are happy.

And I'm happy I don't have to feed them anymore!
Catch ya later babies!


Tiffany Magness Keene said...

Melissa, you are so funny, I swear! You need to author a book just about random stuff! I love your envision of how the tramatic release should have gone! I also love the "moo" under the pic! Funny! Anytime I see cows now I think about how you told me a bull becomes a steer! LOL! Love ya girl!!!!

Danielle Wade said...

Love it! I hope to see you and Eli soon!!

Rachie (Walker's Mom) said...

We will miss you, little calves. Maybe we can come visit you and the rest of your fam:).