Friday, April 8, 2011

a busy nest

Wow!  It's been a long time since my last post and we've had a LOT of excitement around here!
First, ya'll probably know I'm about 8 1/2 months pregnant.  About a week and a half ago I managed to gracefully fall FLAT on my enormous belly.  Needless to say, Daddy Bird and I went straight to the hospital where we learned I was in labor.  Great times.  To make a really long story short, we spent the night in the hospital, my labor slowed down and I went home the next morning without giving birth.  Yay!  I spent about a week on modified bedrest and now we're in the clear.  Baby girl bird is a-okay, just cooking away a little longer.
Thanks to my awesome family for helping out TREMENDOUSLY during the whole mess!
So!  After that little scare, we really got a jump on some projects around here, but I'll give you updates on that later.

Yesterday was my birthday.
After I recovered from the trauma of coming to terms that I am indeed 31 years old, I really had a great day.
Some events included:

Looking out the window and seeing this in my front yard:
Ha!  One of our neighbor's cows managed to wander into our front yard!
I wish I had grabbed my camera faster because she actually was almost to my front porch, looking into my windows, but I was too busy laughing.  After staring at me for a few minutes, she just wandered back home.  My enormous self didn't even have to run after her to shoo her away!  Thank you mama cow, for sparing everyone that sight.

My rhododendren are blooming:

It's so nice to see color after a long winter.

Daddy Bird gave me a new set of outdoor furniture for my gift!  I have been wanting this for years.  We are outside so much of the year, I can't wait to have a comfy place to relax.  He even put it together for me, with lots of "help" of course.
Why do boys like sticks?

Baby Bird was lots of help.

My angel of a Mother let us know that she WOULD be coming over to watch the Baby Bird, so Daddy Bird and I could go out to dinner together.  Fantastic.
We drove over to the Old Stone Inn in Simpsonville and I enjoyed some yummy Ahi Tuna.
We snapped this before we left:

Maybe the last photo of just the three of us?
I am really huge.

To top off the evening, Mom brought over a chocolate merengue pie in lieu of a birthday cake.  All I can say is YUMMY.  I have been craving chocolate like crazy lately (see above photo) and this pie was like heaven.
The best part?  There are leftovers.

I'll update you on what else we have going on around here soon!


Patrick T said...

YAY!! I'm glad baby girl bird is ok. Been praying for you. Glad to hear you had a good birthday! I left you a facebook post, but I don't know if that was looked at. Miss you and love you! Tell Josh and Eli I said hello.

mommy raker said...

i've been craving my mom's chocolate merengue pie! dear Lord, PLEASE don't let it be for the same reasons you are! LOL! glad everyone is doing well and happy birthday (again) :)
and the fettish with sticks starts early, actually baby j's fascination is snakes; EVERYTHING is a sssssss(nake), especially sticks. ick! and eek!

Katie said...

Glad that you all are okay! I hope the rest of your pregnancy is easy & uneventful. :) You look wonderful!

Mommy Webb said...

Gorgeous photo of the three of you!!!!