Friday, March 25, 2011

tax time

The Daddy and Baby Bird are at the in-laws for the night, so I have an evening and a morning OFF!  I need to use my time wisely, right?
I have several blog posts I've been wanting to write, but I'm really trying to get my taxes finished. 
Do ya'll prepare your own taxes, or do you pay someone to do them?
I started doing ours right after we were married, and I must admit I was a bit intimidated at first.  My accountant father (not a tax accountant though) gave me a few "tax preparation lessons" and I've been doing them ever since!  I will say that it's super nice to be able to call him with my random questions though.
There have been years I've considered paying someone.  Like the year that between the two of us, we worked in 4 states (Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, and New York).  That made things a bit complicated.
Now that we have all the farming stuff to deal with as well (bring in the schedule F) - I've questioned my abilities, but Dad always convinces me to keep doing them.
There is a part of me that feels kind of proud of myself for being able to do this and not have to pay someone, even though it takes a little time and effort.
What do ya'll think?  Is it worth it?
Happy Friday!  And Happy Birthday to my Sister-in-Law Annie!


Mommy Webb said...

I'm impressed. Someone does our taxes b/c of the small business issues. I would not know where to start...but I think it's wonderful that you do yours.

Stover's site said...

I'm super impressed by that too!!! You rock! I used to do my own, but when we got married, we just got someone to do it. And now, that I'm self-employed, it seems a little more complicated. I just fear I'd miss something. You inspire me!

Jeanne said...

Bernie has always done ours, but we aren't too complicated! That is right--keep truckin thru! With your Dad to help you on occasion--you defin. can keep doing this with confidence.