Friday, March 4, 2011

friday favs

What I'm lovin' as of late...

*The weather getting warmer!  I love the promise of spring!  Or neighbor plowed up his garden yesterday and it gave me major spring fever.

*This great idea for a nursery mobile!  I think I'm going to make a similar one with a few changes.  Does the bottom bird on the one in the picture look a little odd, or is it just me? 

*I'm loving this blog's series on fun boy stuff!  I want to make some of these projects.

*The progress being made on our basement.  We're still not close, but the electrical work is finished, the tile should be in early next week, and the vanity is ready to be installed, as soon as the tile is in.

*Movie night.  Baby Bird and I have movie night on Friday nights when Daddy Bird is working.  Usually we watch The Incredibles.  I really need to visit red box next time.

*This tutorial for making curtains from bed sheets.  I think I'm going to do this for the nursery, but maybe embellish them a bit?


*Pizza.  I could eat pizza every night of the week right now.

*Stretchy pants.

*My bed.  I am so tired these days.

*The temporary tattoo my son put on my belly this morning.  It's a bear.  I'll spare you the photo.

*I heard that Costco now has Hannah Andersson pj's for $12.  I'm not a member there, but I'd love to find someone who is.  Have ya'll bought those pj's for your kiddos?  They are the BEST!

* I love that my brother is reading my blog and commenting.  Heehee!  Please don't make me have to edit your comments, Stan :)

*I love our camera.

Happy Friday!


a. meredith said...

i'm loving the baby bird's haircut! he looks so big! btw... i'm going to be in ky for a few days this coming week. maybe we could combine friday movie night with friday ice cream night? :)

Mommy Webb said...

Beautiful pictures. Did you take those? Melissa Bean is going to be so proud! On the mobile, I agree about only the three branches. But I tend to like odd numbered groupings.

Tucker's Mama said...

The pics of Eli are amazing! I heart that little boy!!!!