Sunday, March 6, 2011

guilty pleasure

So, everyone has their guilty pleasures, right?
One of mine happens to be Celebrity Apprentice.
I love it because it's generally a train wreck, and the disaster of this season is unfolding as I write this.
Star Jones, Meatloaf, Gary Bussey, David Cassidy, Nene Leaks, Latoya Jackson, 'Lil Jon. Please.  Could it get any worse?

I'll be severely disappointed if Nene doesn't scratch someone's eyes out with those nails.

Excuse me while I go watch this train derail.

What's your guilty pleasure show?  Or am I alone here?


a. meredith said...

i am all about some Bachelor! such a guilty pleasure, but so good! i get sucked in!

mommy raker said...

for me, days of our lives...gasp! a soap opera, i know. but totally my guilty pleasure. what's sad is that i have watched for so long that i can predict some of the plots now :/

Danielle Wade said...

The Bachelor....I can not get enough of it! I am saving my 5 loads of clean laundry for tonight so I can fold and watch at the same time and then Matt can't say I am wasting my time :)

Stover's site said...

Bachelor! I won't miss it!

Mommy Webb said...

The Bachelor. I think I have watched every single season, although I always say that I won't watch it anymore when things don't work out. Ha! I am pulling for Emily this season.