Friday, March 11, 2011

back in the saddle

After a loooong break (we're talking months) from sewing, I've finally dusted off the old machine and climbed back in the saddle!  I've missed sewing and creating, but honestly, I needed a break.  Being pregnant, several bouts of sickness, working on the basement and nursery, serving at church, all the farm/cattle stuff...we've just had a lot going on.  Something had to give!
I had some unfinished projects though, and several friends had asked for some things to give as gifts, so I'm back at it now!
Here are some projects I worked on yesterday.  Nothing new, but I wasn't sure if I'd shown these fabrics on the blog before.

This one is fun for a little girl!  I love paisley, and these fabrics are good ones if you're not sure of the mom's taste.
Here's the wipes case:

I LOVE these next fabrics.

Excuse the pins.  I hadn't stiched them on yet and I was burning daylight for the photos.
This fabric is such a nice, feminine break from the usual pink.  I love the larger scale floral, and the lattice pattern on the left is very popular right now in home dec.  I've seen it on furniture, walls, lampshades, etc.

Here's the wipes case:

I'm working on some other projects I can't wait to show!  A nursing cover or two and some little things for the nursery.

Happy Friday!


Anonymous said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I want to learn how to sew! Especially with a little girl coming. You have inspired me :) Hope to see you soon! ~Danielle

Tucker's Mama said...

I LOVE the black and green pattern! I never get bored at seeing your work! ;)