Monday, February 28, 2011

random photos

I've been backing up all of the photos that we have stored on both of our computers because I am thoroughly convinced that if I don't, one or both of them will crash tomorrow and I'll lose everything.
Is this a form of nesting?
Anyway, I've come across a few interesting photos I just had to share.  It's amazing the pictures you don't remember, and the ones you wish you could forget!
I'm warning you, my hair has been an issue for me my entire life...
This was an especially good look don't you think?  Before braces, and during the growing out process of my "wedge" haircut.  Mom, seriously, I still can't believe you cut my hair short.
Meredith, that's you with the paci I believe :)

The late 90's look.  Go flyers.

I was a ballerina.  Did you know?  And I thought I was fat here. 

Speaking of hair...

Can we say mullet?  I didn't ask the daddy bird's permission, and he is going to kill me. 
I'll put in a cute one to redeem myself:

He started early.   Baby bird would love that thing!

Speaking of baby bird...

it looks like he's posing here.   We call this his glamour shot.

More hair.  I put this in because this is like 2005 and I look like a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader from the 80's.  When we go anywhere near a beach (Hilton Head here) this is what I'm blessed with.  Seriously, I need some help.

Here are some "did you know?'s"

Did you know I was the Murray State Mascot my senior year of college?

Nice windsuit mom.  Sportin' the school colors.

Did you know our firt home was a trailer in Alabama?

This is the day we  moved out.  Check out the huge redneck antenna attached to our porch.  Here's the really funny thing, I cried when we left!  I loved that trailer and I loved Auburn.
I know you should never say never, but I hope to NEVER live in a trailer again!

There was a longhorn cow that lived on the farm that would occasionally wander into our yard:

I'm not really sure what else to say about that.

Did you know there are rednecks everywhere?

I shot this not in KY or AL, but in upstate NEW YORK where we used to live.  This was a gas station like, a mile from our house.  Hahahaha!!

Did you know I went to Louisiana a week after hurricane Katrina to help with disaster relief?

They wouldn't even let people into New Orleans yet, so we went to Mandeville which is right across the bay.  I had never experienced such destruction in the US, and I still think about all those people at least weekly.

Did you know when horses pee, it's like, gallons?

I actually have no idea how much it is but it seems like gallons.  I just thought this was a funny shot.

Did you know if you let people throw birdseed at you at your wedding you will find said birdseed for years after, still hiding in crevasses in your car?

It's true.  You will.  But it was fun :)

I don't really have much to say about this one.  I've just always liked the shot.  Daddy Bird was still in vet school and he just looks young and skinny and handsome :)  We didn't have a care in the world.

Go through your photos tonight!  You'll have a blast, I promise!


mommy raker said...

i love love loved this post! thanks for sharing! brought lots of smiles and a few laughs too :) you're good for that!

Mommy Webb said...

What stinkin hilarious pictures!!! I think it's funny how both of you had such interesting hair cuts and turned out so hip and trendy today, although the wedge and the mullet were ligitimate style contenders at one point in time. Ha! In all seriousness, I think the pic of you in your ballet gear is beautiful. Thanks for sharing...

Katie said...

Your Christmas morning shot looks so much like so many of mine: surrounded by Breyers! I still have the 'Kentuckiana Saddlebred Weanling' ... she's sitting on my dining room table right now. LOL! The others are packed away somewhere.

And it took me a few minutes to figure out what was going on in the cheerleading picture. Then I realized that you were holding on to the hanger. ;)

Loved these!

Stover's site said...

I love this! For some reason, I got all teary eyed. Same way I do when I see those videos at weddings or graduations - with progressive pictures. I guess it's just God's way of reminding me that he is faithful through all seasons of life. Love you!

Tucker's Mama said...

I'm with the rest, LOVE this post! I loved seeing all the pics of you and Josh, and loved all the fun facts about y'all! What can I say, I just love y'all! :)

Katie said...

I laughed out loud at this post:) LOVE the DC cheerleading pic;) and the one of the cow in the yard! I am so happy Y'ALL are our redneck friends:)

Megan said...

Oh. Mah. Word. Why am I just now discovering that you have a blog???? LOVE IT!

stanforman said...

Wow! I almost forgot about the collection of horses that you had especially being mesmerized by the TEETH! You could have cooked a porterhouse steak on that grill. Just kidding, I love looking at those pictures from our Childhood. Thanks for not mentioning who actually threw the rice that stayed in your vehicle for so long..... Sorry for that. Bye the way momma bird was on the dance team in high school, not a cheerleader.

swsrph said...

I love seeing the pictures of places and event that I have heard about during your life! BTW...I made calzones last night...and bought the dough at Great Harvest in Palamar Center...they carry whole wheat and white pizza dough. Just thought I'd comment on two of your blogs at once!

jeanneburnett said...

The Dallas Cowboy cheerleader comments CRACKS me up! I knew you were Racer 1 but had never seen pics! SO cool! and of COURSE I love the Mullet! I will have to scan my old pics--I have some doozies myself!!!