Saturday, February 12, 2011

sickness and boredom

I managed to contract the bug that made the baby bird puke all over Kroger last week.  It hit me yesterday, and though I didn't puke in Kroger, I did puke down the side of my mom's car.  While we were driving down the road.  Good times.

My in-laws (bless their hearts) took the baby bird for the weekend so I could recover.

The basement is all framed in.  Yay!  The next step is to get an electrician in here and then drywall.

We also purchased the flooring (I don't have a pic) so that will be ready to go in after the drywall.

Kourtney Kardashian is making me sick right now.  How does she look like that after having a baby?

I'm buying a belly bandit and I'm wearing it for like, 6 months after I pop this kid out.  Starting in the hospital.  I'm serious.

Speaking of buying, we are buying a bull.  He looks kind of like this, only younger:

He is a Red Poll bull.  We currently have an Angus bull named Oscar, but he is getting old, and we're not sure how much longer he'll be able to do his "job" well.   If I need to explain what Oscar's "job" is, please let me know.
Also the Red poll breed is known for producing superior grass-fed beef, so after some research, we chose this breed.
Ya'll need to help me come up with a good name for our new, red bull.

Don't those men in the above picture crack you up?  They are so serious looking!

The Daddy Bird has to work on Valentine's Day this year.  Honestly, we don't do much to celebrate anyway.  How do ya'll celebrate love day with your special person?

Can ya'll tell I'm bored?  It's one thing having a weekend to yourself when you feel like being productive, but when you are sick, being alone means a lot of boredom.  I'm not complaining though. Really!

Hope you and yours are staying sickness free this weekend!


Mommy Webb said...

So glad you are feeling better! That tummy bug is no joke, esp when you're preggo. Although I'm sure it was nice to have a relaxing weekend, somehow I don't think it was under the conditions you imagined:). Oh, and I want a belly bandit too! The one that looks like the Burberry pattern is so cute:).

janieforman said...

How about "RED BULL" for your red bull? :)

Katie said...

Hope you are feeling better! And I wish I wouldve gotten a belly bandit:)

Stover's site said...

I don't even know what a belly bandit is, but I think I need one. Lots of weight loss, but I still have a major muffin top. rrrrr. Hope you are feeling much much better!!!

mommy raker said...

hope you feel better! we've managed to avoid the stomach far! (hang on a sec, i'm going to knock on some wood...;) i hear it's horrific! i've got 2 names for the bull. Bruce came to mind...but then i saw your current bull is Oscar. Name the red bull "Mayer" then you will have Oscar and Mayer (bologna) :p (insert rimshot, ba-da-bing)

melissaballard said...

HAHAHAHA! Love the name suggestions, keep them coming...

Tucker's Mama said...

Had no idea you've been sick :( Hope you're feeling better and you and Daddy Bird were able to enjoy a baby bird free weekend at least a little bit!
No names here, I'm not that creative, but I do like Jody's suggestion!
Love ya!