Tuesday, February 22, 2011

a day to myself

So Daddy Bird and Baby Bird are on an overnight trip to the in-laws to take care of some "cattle stuff" and since I work a weekly 4 hour volunteer shift on Wednesdays, I needed to stay home.  Plus, I now have this evening and tomorrow morning to myself!
It's so wierd because even though I have a MILLION things to do around here, I find myself missing the noise of my two-year-old and the companionship of my hubby.
It is really, really nice though to be able to have time to myself, and I really appreciate the Daddy Bird for giving me lots of opportunities like this.
So what are my plans for "me-time"?

  • Laundry!!!!
  • I have two baby showers coming up so I'm dragging out my neglected sewing machine and getting back to some sewing.
  • I made a solo trip to Target and Babies R Us today to do a little registering.  Amazing how fast you can get in and out of a store when you're by yourself!
  • I made myself a little omelette for dinner and used some leftover grilled chicken, asparagus, shredded mozzarella, onion and salsa.  Sounds strange but it was super yummy!
  • I really need to get on top of some clutter/cleaning.
  • I plan on watching Parenthood tonight.  Do ya'll watch that show?  Daddy Bird and I think it's the best show on right now.
  • Backing up my digital photos.  I took a photo workshop last Sunday with my girl Melissa Mann Bean of MelissaMann Photography, and she has me convinced that my computers are both going to crash at any minute, thus resulting in a loss of every digital photo I have ever taken.  I have nothing backed up (I know, I know) so I'm working on that.
  • Did I mention laundry?  It's a never ending battle.

On a completely different note.  Can I just tell ya'll how outraged I am about the crazy, wacko, University of Alabama fan Harvey Updyke, who poisoned the two 130 year old, beautiful, live oak trees at Toomer's Corner, on the corner of Auburn's campus?
Now I realize that if you are not an Auburn fan, this may mean absolutely nothing to you, so I'll explain.
When AU wins a sporting event, primarily football, but at times other sports, thousands of fans flock to Toomer's Corner to "roll" the two live oak trees that have been a fixture there for the past 130 years!

It's pure craziness, and I know it's just a silly sports tradition, but those trees are truly in the center of town, and they are really beautiful, when not covered in TP.
Last week, Harvey Updyke, a retired Texas State Police trooper admitted to poisoning these trees!  He even called in to a radio talk show to brag about it!  It's pretty much been determined that not only will the trees most likely die, but because the soil is so contaminated, new trees can't be replanted on the same site.  I don't know an Auburn fan who is not just sick over this, and many Alabama fans are as well.
Crazy wacko.
I wish I had a great picture of Daddy Bird and I in all our Auburn glory at Toomers Corner.  But I don't.  So here he is with some of his Auburn vet school buddies.  Take note, because this may be the only time you EVER see Daddy Bird in shorts.

War Eagle!


Mommy Webb said...

I want to watch Parenthood if it's half as funny as it looks on the previews. Will have to catch up online:)...

Katie said...

That's awful about the tree @ Auburn!! What a horrible thing to do. :(

Tucker's Mama said...

I agree, the tree thing is horrible!
I hope you enjoyed your alone time and got some R&R in there too!
And, I cannot believe you actually have a picture of Josh in shorts lol!

jeanneburnett said...

I thought about you guys and Rocky & Amy when I heard that crazy man! That is taking a rivalry WAYYYY too far! How sad! and btw...that omelet sounds delicious!

Patrick T said...

I'm glad you are feeling better. Yay for productivity!! I'll see if I can't get you some video/pictures of my show for Eli - it'll be via e-mail (I can't be postin stuff online from the backstage or anything :/). Miss you! More posts coming soon on my end. I love keeping up with your family through your blog!

P.S. Why are people so dumb and mean?

P.P.S. they use every part of the chicken over here - I love a good chicken heart! AND I do have a coffee pot - with grinder. They sell coffee beans. I'll probably go to an international store/starbucks and get some at some point. I just haven't committed to it yet :)