Monday, February 14, 2011

happy valentine's day!

I was feeling so much better last night that I made some cookies for the Daddy Bird to take to work.
I used this recipe from the Tasty Kitchen website (if you haven't checked that site out, you really should!) and they turned out pretty yummy!  They were easy to throw together and the cream cheese icing was great.  I also like how the cookies aren't meant to be decorated perfectly.  The frosting just has a nice, homey look.

You could, of course add some sprinkles, or ice the cookies in different colors, but I was still feeling a bit lazy for all that.

When Daddy Bird came home this morning, he not only brought donuts (yay!) but he brought me an adorable Jade plant!

He knows me well!  Jade plants are my favorite!  So cute.

After he'd been home several hours, we realized Daddy Bird was coming down with the same sickness that had plagued me all weekend.  Oh, what fun!  Happy Valentine's Day, Honey!

Last night, when Baby Bird came home, he handed me this:

and said, "Happy Valentimes Day Mommy!"  Melt my heart!  Thanks to the Mom in Law for doing the shopping.

So my little nest is overflowing with plants now...let's hope I can keep them alive.  I didn't really inherit my mom's green thumb.

Today, we had a fun Valentine's party to attend at our friends' the Stover's house.

Sherri is one brave woman having all those kids and Mamas over!  She even had crafts!

There were lots of pregnant bellies there too, so of course we got a fun "belly shot."

Guess who's belly is the biggest?  At least I'm the farthest along.

Hope your "Valentime's" Day was a fun one!


Tucker's Mama said...

Happy Vday!!! Hate that Tucker and I missed the party today :( Darn work!
I'm glad you're feeling better....poor Daddy Bird :( We'll be praying for healing y'all's way!
Love ya! :)

Mommy Webb said...

My belly is right up there with yours! And those cookies are making me drool. Must. Make. Soon.

Danielle Wade said...

SOOOO great to see you and Eli Monday. We have missed you! And you looked awesome! :)