Saturday, February 5, 2011

nursery ideas

So, not only are we currently trying to finish our basement, but we also have another project...
A Nursery!
I haven't really talked much about my pregnancy, or the baby girl bird growing in my belly, but I'm 28, almost 29 weeks along and I'm starting to get antsy about this nursery thing.
When baby bird #1 was born - 4 weeks early - we weren't prepared AT ALL!  The room was painted blue, and that was it!  It sent me into a world of panic, even though I knew he wouldn't sleep in that room for weeks (actually 5 months to be exact).
If I can tell you the one thing that I would change about myself (and my wonderful hubby too) it's our habit of PROCRASTINATING!  I've always been a procrastinator with a capital P, but I have gotten better in recent years.  With the home projects we are currently working on, I'm not really procrastinating, it's just that I really can't do much on my own without the help of the Daddy Bird.
We've got to get the ball rolling on this though, so let me show you my ideas for the nursery so far.
And, let me add at this point, shopping for girl stuff is WAY, WAY more fun than shopping for boy stuff.  Oh. My. Goodness.
Here is the bedding:

It's from Pottery Barn and honestly, it's one of the few bedding options that I saw that I even remotely liked.  I really like the colors in this, and I like the modern look.
Here's another view, in a room:

The main difference is that we have a dark wood crib and dresser, so the room will have a different look, but I think it will still be pretty.
We're going to paint the walls that light aqua, turquoisy color, and I'm loving that.
The other thing I love is this chandelier:

Hey, we're going girly, we've got to have a chandelier, right?  I think it will really add to the look of the room.
To add some pink, because I do really love pink, we're going with this rug on the floor:

It's super soft and pretty and will hide some of the stains that somehow appeared on the carpet in the room!

In addition to the crib, probably the only furniture we'll have in the room is a dresser with a changing pad on top, and a brown rocker/recliner.  The room is really small!

Oh, also, we'll probably do some decorative painting on the walls as well.  Daddy Bird has some plan for a tree with flowers or something, but I've been looking at some bird stencils in case plan A falls through and we need a plan B :)
So what do you think?  Any ideas for me?  Give me your style/decorating opinions because I'm not really good at these type things!


Stover's site said...

I LOVE the bedding. So cute. I love those colors together. You are so creative and talented! I can't wait to see it. I'm so excited that you are having a girl. :-)

Mommy Webb said...

Beautiful. I am loving the bedding and the idea of aqua walls. I can't believe you are in your THIRD AND FINAL trimester. Crazyness. You already have the bedding, rug & furniture, so all you need is a coat of paint and a stencil whipped out by Daddy Bird:).

Tucker's Mama said...

I absolutely LOVE blue for a girl's room!!! And I too love that bedding! Hey, you can't go wrong with PBK! I have no doubt it will be absolutely perfect! Love you!