Thursday, June 23, 2011

dusting off the machine

I dusted off the old sewing machine recently.  It had been 10 WEEKS  since I last sewed ANYTHING!
We went on vacation last week and I knew I needed a nursing cover for the trip.  I also wanted to make nursing covers for my lovely friends Rachel and Danielle, also the mamas of new baby girls.
Here's what I came up with.
For Danielle and baby Harper:

Danielle has such a cheerful personality, and when choosing her fabric I wanted to reflect that.  I was also drawn to fabrics that included orange, probably because Danielle chose a beautiful shade of pinky orange to paint Harper's nursery.  I also wanted to include brown because Danielle has used brown in her home decorating, and I think she looks great in brown.

There is a coordinating fabric to this  and my plan is to make Miss Harper some other things to go along with the nursing cover.  Maybe an appliqued onesie or two, some burpies and a changing pad?

I thought the fabric was really fun and retro looking.

Now, for Rachel.  I didn't get a shot of her nursing cover, but here is the fabric:

I really had trouble finding something for Rachel.  I knew it HAD to include pink, and for both girls I wanted something designer looking, but nothing was really jumping out at me for Rachel.
I liked this choice, because it included the pink (what I think of as Rachel's signature color), but it also had some pretty green shades as well.  If you've been in Rachel's home, you've seen her bright green kitchen - beautiful!  I liked that in the fabric.  Also, if you look closely at the fabric, you can find some of the areas have a Morocoan lattice like pattern in them.  I've seen this a lot recently in Southern decorating, and it reminds me of Rachel!
See below.

Again, as for Harper, for Miss Warren I want to make some coordinating accessories to go with the nursing cover.

Now for myself.
I really wanted something that looked non-babyish.  Feminine, but not girlie.  Modern and fresh, but not TOO contemporary.  And, it had to include some aqua/turquoise, some brown, and some pink.
Here's what I found:

I love, love, love this paisley print, but when you combine it with the other fabrics from the line...

It gives the whole thing a middle eastern bazaar like feel.  I can't wait to cut into some other projects for myself with it!
The fabrics also look good in the girl birdie's room, so I'm thinking of incorporating them in some way.
For now, I'm just happy to get a few nursing covers made!


Anonymous said...

love love LOVE it!!! You have me smiling from ear to ear! The last thing you need to be doing is making me stuff, you have your hands full!! But I can not wait to rock my nursing cover :) Found an awesome new park that we need to take the boys, they have an awesome playground and sprayground...and it is FREE!!

Mommy Webb said...

I will second Danielle's sentiments - I ADORE my cover! I have used it every single day, including this weekend when I had to pump in a room full of 15+ girls before the wedding. Ha! You are so thoughtful and generous with your time and resources. And the fabrics could not have been more perfect:). Love ya!