Sunday, January 15, 2012

happy new year

Happy New Year...a few days late!

I'm still here, just too busy lazy to upload photos from my camera to my computer and y'all need to see some pictures for my posts to be interesting, right?

I'll be back in the next couple of days, I promise.

In the meantime, here are a few happings from here at the nest:

  • We were all sick over Christmas.  Like, sick for 3-4 weeks.  Merry Christmas to us.
  • Our first calf of the year was born!  Pictures to come.
  • The girlie bird is 9 months old!  Can you believe it!  She is all. over. the. place.
  • The boy birdie got 1.4 million tractors and other farm paraphanalia for Christmas.  Tractors are all. over. the. place.
  • Winter is upon us.  Remember my boot problem from a few months back?  It's about to reach an all time high (or low).  I dug a chunk of what I am telling myself was dirt (ahem) out of the girlie bird's mouth the other day.  I don't have to tell you whose boots that came from.  Hint - they weren't mine.
  • Daddy Bird did take the kids to his parents' place the other day so I could spend a little quality time cleaning the nest.  6 hours of "me time" later, I can now say my home is presentable.
  • I've got some new recipes for you.  One involves hot dogs.
  • The basement is so close to being finished I can hardly stand it.
Ok, enough updating!
I'll be back soon, promise.

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    Mommy Webb said...

    I am so jealous you have a presentable house:). And I am also jealous of your boot problem.