Sunday, January 22, 2012

meet john

This is John.

You'll have to excuse the quality of these photos, as John is kind of an elusive guy.  Not the type that's going to cheese for the camera.

John is the wonderful man who happens to own the farm that Daddy Bird and I recently began renting to graze our mama cows and baby calves.  They get to live here and have their babies here until the babies are weaned and we take them to the other farm to "finish".

John is in his mid-80s and until this past September, this farm was John's dairy farm.  He and his family moved to this land in the mid 1940's and he's been milking ever since.  That kind of dedication blows me away, because, y'all, being a dairy farmer is tough business!! 

John's "retirement" from dairy farming worked out really well for us because we were able to move our mamas here to this beautiful place.

They love it here, let me tell you!

John is an amazing landlord as well.  He checks on our cows every day and feeds them hay when we can't get out to do it.

Maybe at some point I'll get John to smile for the camera but until then, this is what you get

Have a great week!

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mommy raker said...

and happy cows make great beef :)