Tuesday, June 19, 2012

buying cattle, instagram style

Daddy Bird and I had a date of sorts the other day.

We've been expanding our cattle herd, so that means lots of trips to the stockyards to buy cows.  Romantic, huh?

Honestly, we don't get much time alone together these days, so I'll take what I can get.

Thought I'd share some Instagram pics from our last trip.

The same auctionere is there almost every time we go.  I love to listen to the auction.  It makes you want to buy something...

My favorite part of the stockyards is the people watching.  These folks decided they would put a bull in the back of a truck, in a cage.   I decided I would take a picture.

After you buy cattle, you have to go pick them up.  Daddy Bird is waiting patiently.

Here they come, the new mamas.

All loaded up on the trailer.  The stickers on the cows are their sale number and one that tells approximately when they are due to calve.

Home Sweet Home!!

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