Friday, June 22, 2012

not the reaction i expected

I painted the girly bird's tonails for the first time.  We've got a vacation coming up and I thought she needed a pedicure :)

Color: OPI Italian Love Affair.

I know it's messy.  The child doesn't sit still for long.

She couldn't figure out what I had done to her toes.   Then she did something I didn't expect.

The poor little thing started crying!

She was all good today though.  Very proud of her new pink toes.

This child never ceases to surprise me.

Happy Friday - off to do my own toes!


Anna Faith said...

aww.... that's so cute!

Christy Riner said...

That's hilarious and SO cute :) I love how little kids have their own unique personalities!

Mommy Webb said...

These pictures are beautiful. Love the toes:).