Monday, July 2, 2012


Daddy Bird, the babies and I got home late Friday night from a vacation to Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia Beach and Montecello with my parents.  I can't wait to tell you all about it in an upcoming post, but since I'm recovering from a post-vacation hangover of sorts, the best I can muster tonight is a stream of conciousness post.

If you are friends with me on facebook or in real life, you know about the cow shenannigans we have been dealing with over the past 3 days.  To update the rest of you, our fall calving herd of cows decided it would be a good idea to break through the fence and spend some time on the neighbor's farm, which is full of woods that are too thick and full of brush to even walk through in places.  Our cows were happy to hide from us in those woods.  It took us one day  to find them, one day to drive them back in the direction of where they were supposed to be, and this morning most of them managed to go back on to our farm.  We're missing one still.

I rode my horse more in the last three days than I have in over a year.

My. Butt. Is. Sore.

I picked beans from our garden tonight until it got too dark to see.  There are still a ton left to pick tomorrow.

I'm going to do some canning this year.  Starting with pickles this week.  Anyone have any good canning recipes?

How does a family of four go through so much laundry?

I came into contact with something today that caused my face and arms to burn and tingle like a sunburn.  No other symptoms, just burning and tingling for most of the day.  I took a Benadryl in case it was something allergy related.  Then I got in the car for an hour and 15 min drive to go pick up the baby birds.  Note to self - don't take Benadryl and try to drive.  Not safe.

My rear end is bruised.

I have to start working out.  I'm back to pre-baby weight but I'm jiggly.

Colonial Williamsburg made me feel very patriotic and Montecello inspired me like crazy.

I'm finishing up the Beth Moore study on James.  Two words - Do it.  It rocked my world and it will rock yours.

I'm watching America's Got Talent and this guy is playing an instrument made out of a baseball bat.  Weird.

That's all I've got tonight folks.  I'm going to go nurse my sore backside. 


all you need is love said...

hey i have some OLD canning recipes if you want them. Just call me or come over one day...our couch is nice for sore bottoms.

Mommy Webb said...

Oh no!!!! Praying you find that last cow somehow!!!