Wednesday, July 20, 2011

basement bathroom

I haven't done a basement update for ya'll in forever.  We took a bit of a break working on things after baby girl was born, but that was ages ago it seems.

The tile is finished, and the cabinet has been installed.

I'm really happy with how the cabinet turned out.  I don't have a great photo of just the cabinet, but you can kind of see it here:

If you think custom cabinets are way out of your price range, look into a local cabinet maker.  Chino Ross at Countryside Cabinets built this for us for less than what we had priced at Lowes.  Plus, we were able to get exactly what we wanted.
We went with hickory wood and kind of a pecan finish.  I really like simple, clean lines so the doors are a shaker style.

I must confess, I really wasn't crazy about the tile that we chose at first.  Daddy Bird really loved it though, so I compromised.  Now that it's in the room I really do like it.

The area to the left of the bathtub is going to be open shelving.  We just have to get the shelves in.

We used the large 12x12 tiles everywhere, but a little over half way up the tub wall, Daddy Bird put in this brick pattern for a few rows.  I like the interest it gives, and it breaks things up a bit, don't you think?

All that's left is painting, putting in the shelves, and installing the light fixture and mirror over the vanity. 
We're almost finished with the bathroom! 

I'm looking for a reasonably priced large mirror to hang over the vanity.  I've thought about checking at Garden Ridge.  Any other suggestions?


Mommy Webb said...

This looks fab - very spa like:). Josh did an amazing job. Hobby Lobby is another great place to look for mirrors. And then there's my fav, Home Goods (in TJ Maxx).

Sue Shaw said...

I was going to suggest Home Goods too. I've found several, inexpensive decorating things there. Of course I go to the one on New Circle, close to Stein Mart in Lex. I really like the way the bathroom has turned out. Tell Josh I'm impressed!