Tuesday, July 5, 2011

my new normal

It's been 12 weeks since I had the Baby Girl Bird, and I swear, I'm just now starting to feel back to normal.
My new normal.
That's really what it is, and now that I've accepted that I now have a new normal, life is moving much more smoothly. 

I knew life would be different when we had our first, and so I felt more prepared for that new normal.  I had no idea that things would change so much yet again with two!
I've really been in a funk this time around, but now it seems like the fog is clearing a bit, and we're settling into our new normal.

I'm learning things again.  Like, how to ask for help, and how to accept help when it is offered.
I'm learning to accept and make the most of the "or" instead of wishing longingly after the "and".
Clean the house or take a shower.
Write a blog post or wash the dishes.
I just can't do it all.

Things still get done, they just get done much more slowly than they used to.

The new normal isn't bad, it's just different, and it's taken me 12 weeks to learn that. 
I'm a slow learner.
And stubborn.
Ask Daddy Bird, and my Mom.

I honor of discovering and accepting my new normal, here is a random compilation of what's been happening in our new normal life lately:

My mom came over last Tuesday and watched both kids ALL DAY so I could just clean my house.  Do ya'll know how awesome it feels to just have a clean house again?  I feel like I can relax in my own home again.

We went on vacation a few weeks ago and I feel like it was a turning point for the Girl Birdie and I.  She is crying much, much less, sleeping more, and is just more enjoyable to be around.  I've also moved her into her own room and I feel really good about that.  It was time.  We're all sleeping much better now.

Speaking of vacation, yes, that is Daddy Bird in shorts.  Don't count on seeing that again any time soon.

Things have really picked up with our grass fed beef business.  We have a name - Bluegrass Beef, and we're planning on having beef available in about a month.

Our Red Bull is getting big!  He's in with the cows now and loving life. :)

This is what we did on Sunday, in the blazing heat and dust:

I ruined a great pair of sandals because someone didn't tell me I was going to be working gates, and sorting cattle in the dirt and manure.  Arrggghhh!

At least we got the job done, right?

 See this?

This is probably the last bottle baby girl bird took well.  Apparantly the princess has decided she is too good for bottles!
All kidding aside, this is not good.  Any advice in this department would be appreciated.  I bought some of the Tommy Tippee bottles the other day (they seemed a bit more realistic)and we've seen a little improvement, but not much.  I'm not giving her formula in the bottle, just breast milk.  Any advice?  Please?
Mama needs a date night.

I went on my first solo trip to Target with both birdies this morning.  Things went really well.  Another confidence boost for this Mama Bird.

I have so many blog post ideas rattling around in my brain right now, so I hope to begin to be a bit more prolific in that department. 
For now, I'm off to do some laundry.  It piles up around here.


Katie said...

Wear one of Daddy Bird's shirts all day long, have him put it on & hook him up with a fresh-from-the-tap bottle. Send them in a dark room together, tell him to tuck the bottle up under his arm (in a normal cradle hold for nursing) and express a few drops onto the edge of the nipple. You need to then leave the house!

What bottles are you using (they look like Dr. Brown's)? Ari HATED those things. Calloway was happy with anything, anytime, but Ari wanted no part of a bottle. I went through Born Free's, Dr. Brown's, Playtex Nursers/Drop-Ins, Vent-Aires, Soothies, Nubies, and I FINALLY picked up a pack of those cheap, glass Gerber bottles ... and they worked. Anatomically, they're closer to the real thing (for me), moreso than anything else I've found. A friend uses a new type of Playtex bottle that's pretty neat - it has a separate valve system and a softer end around the nipple that fills with milk and stays 'squishy' (like a boob). It was a pain in the butt, trying a bunch of different bottles, but it's worth a shot! Only do yourself a favor and start with the cheapest, first. ;)

Another thing to think about: a lot of breastfed babies are never bottle babies. It's not necessarily a bad thing and it doesn't mean that you won't ever get some time away. Some babies are perfectly fine to not eat while Mom's away and will make up for it later, when they can nurse. Hang in there!

Mommy Webb said...

I'm loving all of Katie's insight:). Kuddos on a successful trip to Target. And happy to know that it continues to get easier with two. Just so you know, I just looked down on my floor and thought it was invested with bugs, but it was just mulch that Walker brought in from outside. Not sure if my entire house will ever be clean at once again...just part of my new normal:).

Mommy Webb said...

Infested - not invested. Ha!

Stover's site said...

Girlie - it does get better. I promise. Girlie bird will start sleeping better and you'll feel like a new woman. Way to go going to Target! I remember gong to Walmart the first time with both boys and thought I'd won a gold medal! (sometimes I still feel like that!Ha!) As for the bottle issue I agree - you need a date night. She'll make it for a few hours! And, just to make sure ya'll get it, bring em both to us!!!! The boys would love to play with Eli and me, I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE nothing more than some sweet ruby snuggles!