Wednesday, July 6, 2011

a happy day!

Today my beautiful mom turned another year older better.

My cousin Meredith was also in for a visit from Atlanta.

I loaded up the birdies and headed to Lexington for a day spent relaxing with family.  I must say it was wonderful!

We celebrated over dinner on the patio at Harry's.

Mom and Dad.

My Aunt Sue and Big "D"

Of course this stinker.

The girl birdie getting some snuggles.

We topped the evening off with Gigi's cupcakes.

Please, please do yourself a favor and DO NOT Google how many calories are in one of these suckers.  Just enjoy, and try not to think about it.

Happy birthday, Mom!  Here's to another great year!


Patrick T said...

Awww...this post made my heart happy to see all of you all!! Happy Birthday Aunt Janie!!!

Janie Forman said...

It WAS a nice day. Nothing better than being with my family. Dad and I went to the gym tonight to try to work off those Gigi's cupcakes--but they were soooo worth it! He He :)

Sue Shaw said...

We were SO glad it worked out to spend the day together! Thanks for making the effort it takes to pack up two baby birds for the day!