Friday, July 22, 2011

hey, wuh! Wock ben!

There are some songs that we currently are lovin' on in our nest these days.

Do ya'll know the bluegrass band Old Crow Medicine Show?  Perhaps the song Wagon Wheel rings a bell?

Here's a link  It's a live version because I almost linked to the music video and then I remembered my grandma reads this blog...

Well, Baby Boy Birdie is kind of totally obsessed with Wagon Wheel.  It's to the point that every time we get in the truck he immediately says, "WAGON WHEEL!  Please."  Only here's the funny part.  If you know the boy, you know how talkative he is, and how huge his vocabulary is, but for some reason, homeboy cannot get the words right to this song.

The chorus goes:
Rock me mama like a wagon wheel,
Rock me mama any way you feel,
Hey, mama, rock me.
Rock me mama like the wind and the rain,
Rock me mama like a south bound train,
Hey, mama, rock me.

Baby Bird's verson goes something like:

Wock ben, wike WAGON WHEEL!
Wock ben, wike southbound twain!

Oh. Help. Me.  It is so funny!  The other funny thing is that you CANNOT correct him.  He apparently likes his version the best.

Another song we like, and I'm really even embarrassed to write this, but Jason Aldean's Dirt Road Anthem is permanently stuck in my head these days!

Sorry Jason Aldean, you ain't got a thing on Daddy Bird.

Here's a link.

This is not the type of song I usually go for, but it's kind of a guilty pleasure.

Part of the chorus says:

Smoke rollin' out the window,
An ice cold beer chillin' in the console.

I know, I know Mom.  This may not be the best parenting decision I've ever made, but I'm sure you did some questionable things too. 

We change the words to:
I'm playin' with my backhoe,
An ice cold milk chillin' in the console.

Boy Birdie sings it for all he's worth.

Do any of ya'll have songs you can't stop singing?

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