Friday, July 8, 2011

it's official!

Bluegrass Beef (our grassfed beef business) officially has beef for sale!

You can read more about it today on our friends the Courtneys' website and blog.

Mary and Shane Courtney are a local farming family that also run a CSA or Community Supported Agriculture.  They have graciously allowed us to partner with them to offer our grassfed beef to their CSA members, and non-members alike.
What is a CSA you ask?
Read more about it on the Courtneys' site, and stay tuned here for a post on that topic soon.

We will also sell beef privately to family, friends, and others, but buying through the Courtney's site allows you to support 2 local farming families at once.

More to come!


Anonymous said...

Mama Bird--I found this recently and wanted to encourage you! Blessings. Just keep trying that bottle--she'll be alright. Here's my encouraging link for you:

Janie Forman said...

I can't wait to taste me some Bluegrass Beef!